5 Positive Impacts Yoga has on Your Body

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Yoga has gotten more and more popular during the last few years and has become an integral part of a lot of people’s day-to-day lifestyle. Indeed, yoga can have a substantial positive impact on your mental and physical well-being as it is an overall mind and body exercise routine with endless variations that allow people to work out individually and at their own pace.

5. Relieving Stress and Tension

Do you need downtime for your head or your body? yoga has been known to create a clear calm mind, relax your body, manage your stress levels and reduce muscle tension. With yoga, you’re able to find your inner self and build a connection between your body and your mind which has a positive impact on your sleep as you will have a more relaxed and deeper type of sleep. So, forget about sleeping pills, because a clear, calm and relaxed mind takes less time to switch off and fall asleep than an overworked one.

4. Strengthen Muscles and Reduces Injuries

Yoga engages many different muscle groups at the same time. That’s why it is an effective way to strengthen your entire body posture, increase your muscle strength and build a stronger core all at once. Moreover, it is an effective and great way to enhance your flexibility as your muscles get a good stretch when you exercise. This extra flexibility can protect you from injuries during other sports activities, as well as improve your overall athletic performance. For those who think they are not flexible enough: it doesn’t matter how flexible you are to begin with, a good yoga workout focuses on slowly building up flexibility through joint-friendly stretching exercises.

3. How Yoga Can Help to Reduce Pain

People who drive a lot or have a nine-to-five jobs often find themselves racked with daily headaches, knee problems or back pain. According to the Harvard Medical School, practicing yoga and carefully adapting your postures within your daily routine can help to ease your chronic pain. Also, researchers found that yoga can be a useful treatment alternative to physical therapy when it comes to protecting your lower back from suffering.

2. Controlling Your Breathing

The way we breathe has a huge impact on the overall effectiveness of our bodies’ various functions. That’s why yoga places so much focus on the right breathing techniques. One of the first things you’ll learn is how to take fewer breaths, but of greater volume to help you breathe more efficiently. Practicing yoga on a regular basis will result in an improvement of your overall lung function. Breathing thoughtfully and deeply supplies your brain with plenty of fresh oxygen, imbuing your body with more energy and reducing overall stress levels. This will allow you to concentrate more easily. Those breathing exercises can be integrated into your daily life quite simply.

1. Transform Your Body

Yoga is a healthy and natural way to lose a few of your displeasing pounds, especially for those who want to avoid a crowded gym. Furthermore, it is also a great way to slowly get used to physical activities, to get your body moving more freely and to break into a gentle sweat. Even if it doesn’t result in weight loss right away, it will help stimulate your blood circulation, improve your cardiovascular conditioning, lower the risk of a heart attack and maintain a balanced metabolism. In the long run, the weight reduction should follow suit, assuming you maintain an exercise routine and balanced diet.

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Are You Keen to Connect Your Mind and Body?

Now that you’ve become familiar with the mental and physical benefits of yoga, you will surely want to pick up your yoga mat and start practicing! Of course, you can start exercising at home as there are a great range of YouTube videos and tutorials available for free, but sometimes it’s more fun to join a group, especially if you are new to the whole idea and could use some pointers.

Dublin city offers some unique and interesting places for budding yoga enthusiasts to get started at. If you want to combine yoga with an amazing view, you should try The Marker Hotel’s yoga classes which take place on the hotel’s famous rooftop, offering a 75-minute class with an amazing view of Dublin’s skyline every Saturday. If you’re more interested in combining art and yoga, you should try an evening session at the National Gallery of Ireland for an equally unique and visually pleasing experience.

With so much choice, now is the perfect time to get started!