Wild-Eyed McGregor Owns the Weigh-in


Defiant, Screaming and Sharp as a Razor

Ding Ding.

Conor McGregor drew first blood in the weigh-in in Vegas on Friday night ahead of tonight’s eagerly-anticipated crossover display match of the century!

After weighing in an even 153lbs to a PaddyPower-cacks-emblazoned Mayweather’s 149.5lbs, the sparks began to fly as Conor started screaming sweet nothings in ‘Money’s’ face before triumphantly turning to the crowd and pounding his chest with the wild look of a warrior while Mayweather nonchalantly chewed gum and tried not to appear too bothered; he’s seen it all before, in fairness.

Watch the full video below:

Some highlights of Conor’s barage of insults include dissing his shape, calling him “full of water” and in “the worst shape I’ve ever seen”, but Floyd looked fairly ripped to us. Conor made a decent effort of riling his opponent whearas Mayweather, met with a chorus of boos, tried to sarcastically laugh it off and simply pointed at McGregor as though he wasn’t fazed.

After the on-stage antics clearly dominated by a relentless – and pretty hilarious – McGregor, Mayweather had time to air his views, claiming “I’ve been here before. I know what it takes, what is a fight of this magnitude.”

When questioned over his decision to rock in four-and-a-half pounds below the junior welterweight limit, Mayweather was on the money, as ever:

“Weight doesn’t win fights, fighting wins fights, It won’t go the distance, mark my words.”


Speaking of his own condition, Connor claimed there was never any doubt he’s make the weight and suggested he may even trim down to 170lb by tonight.

“I’m a professional, I make weight, It’s about sacrifices, dedication. It’s focus. I make it and that’s it. I’ve put in the work as everyone can tell. I’m ready.”


I guess we’ll learn who the real victor is tonight as the dust settles on the histrionics and all that matters now is these two legends of their realms and the 8oz gloves that separate them in the ring.

It’s gonna be a sight to behold as the world awaits with baited breath to see how this monstrosity of a crossbreed stands up as a spectacle and as a sporting encounter; not since the epic, albeit entirely forgettable showdown between the great Muhammad Ali and the Japanese Champion Wrestler Antonio Anoki, have two fighting disciplines collided on such a colossal scale. The ill-fated showdown in Tokyo back in 1976, ladies and gents, was pretty farcical; let’s hope Conor Vs Floyd doesn’t go down the same route!

You can catch the highlights from that bizarre little encounter in it’s full, grainy, cheesily-theme-tuned glory below!