WATCH: A Mural of Blindboy Has Appeared In Dublin City

Subset, the artists behind a mass of murals in Dublin, have added a new masterpiece to their list.

The artists have a painted a mural of the Rubberbandits’ Blindboy on the walls of Hangar nightclub in Dublin’s city centre.

The mural, accompanied by the quote “Donny is more terrifying than a jack russell with human hands”, was painted beside Subset’s mural of U.S President Donald Trump.

Subset were also responsible for the infamous Stormzy mural in Smithfield, which was painted over by Dublin City Council last year much to the outrage of fans of the artists’ work.

The mural generated a positive response on social media, with Blindboy himself tweeting Subset saying “Thanks lads. I’ll box the heads off Dublin City Council if they paint that grey before I get up to Dublin to see that in person”.