Video – Mayweather vs McGregor Toronto Press Tour

The second leg of the Mayweather vs McGregor press tour rolled into Toronto last night. The crowd swayed considerably more to the McGregor side during a more lively press conference than we saw in L.A, even booing Mayweather when he made reference to his Toronto themed tracksuit.

During Mayweather’s time on the mic he addressed Dana White, apologising for the things he has said about the UFC and him in the pass while applauding what he has done for the organisation.

Following this things got a bit heated when Mayweather got his hands on an Irish flag from the crowd saying he was going to give it to Conor only to drape it around his own shoulders. McGregor responded in typically McGregor fashion by grabbing Floyd’s money filled rucksack only to shout to the crowd “That’s it? There’s only about 5 grand in here!”

The next stop of the tour takes place in the Barclays Centre in New York tonight followed by a trip across the Atlantic to the sold out SSE Wembley Arena in London.