There’s A Great Irish Skinny Dip This Weekend

Irish Naturist Association

If you’re sat at home wishing you could be soaking up the sun in Stradbally there are plenty of other activities to fill your diary this weekend. For those brave enough there’s a ‘Great Irish Skinny Dip’ event taking place over the next three days.

The event is being organised by the Irish Naturist Association. Speaking to event coordinator Leticia explained the association has been promoting ‘non sexual social nudity’ in Ireland since 1963.

Leticia said “The outdoor events are open to anyone (nature has no gates!) but for indoor events we usually request booking for organisational purposes and if pool capacity is a problem members have always priority. In practice we encourage people to join the association so that they can have an entrance guarantee.”

The schedule for the weekend includes dips in Dublin and Wicklow. Anyone is free to attend (if you’re brave enough) and with the sun promised in the forecast it will make getting your kit off that bit more enjoyable.

If you are interested in joining or finding out more about the Irish Naturist Association you can check out their website or contact them through their Facebook page.

Irish Naturist Association