The Private Publin Pub Crawl

John Geraghty and his first Pub Crawl crew. Pic via

The standard pub crawl generally involves stumbling on to the closest premises in the area. However if you’re interested in delving into the culture, history and heritage of the capitals drinking establishments, you can now take part in a Private Publin Pub Crawl.

Organiser and creator John Geraghty says the aim is to “provide a pub crawl experience that’s unlike any other in the city.”

The inaugural pub crawl took place this month with John and Luigsech guiding a merry band of 14 men and women to four pubs. John explains that it’s not just picking pubs and meeting up at the locations;

“As the 4 pubs we were visiting were all new and didn’t have too much written about their history, we took it upon ourselves to pay a visit to the National Library in advance to see what we could find out. It makes for a more interesting tour if we can give people information that isn’t available publicly elsewhere.”

The 4 pubs they visited were the vintage speakeasy styled Jimmy Rabbitte’s on Camden Street, Bourke’s Bar on Wexford Street, Underdog a new craft beer bar downstairs in Brogan’s and some live trad music in the recently opened Piper’s Corner on Marlborough Street.

By coincidence John and his crew even “bumped into Yuya Abe, who is well known around the city as ‘The Japanese guy trying to visit every pub in Dublin’. For anyone wondering, he’s completed 630 pubs now. He’s still got a few hundred to go, but he’s making good progress.” It’s a task many of us talk about jokingly but none have made the step into completing. founder John Geraghty with Yuya Abe

As the drinking season moves from sunny beer gardens towards colder, jumper clad nights out, the Publin Pub Crawl would be an ideal way for small and large groups to enjoy the Christmas party season. The rise and subsequent disdain for the ’12 pubs of Christmas’ from many publicans spells perfect timing for John and his new venture.

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