Swedish Public Vote To Name New Train ‘Trainy McTrainface’

Trainy McTrainface
Pic via MTR Express

Swedish rail company MTR Express asked the public to vote on a new name for one of their trains and are now proud to introduce ‘Trainy McTrainface’. The winning name beat off other options ‘Hakam’, ‘Poseidon’ and ‘Miriam’ topping the poll with 49% of the votes.

MTR released a statement saying “This news will be received with joy by many not just in Sweden”. The outcome of the poll mirrors that of ‘Boaty McBoatface’ who the British public voted for as the new name for a £200m research ship in 2016.

We have to give credit to the people of Sweden for not only voting for a brilliant name but for actually following through with it unlike it’s poor British cousin Boaty McBoatface.