RIP Jimmy Magee

Jimmy Magee on Know Your Sport

Memory Man Will Live Long in the Memory

One of Ireland’s finest proponents of sporting wisdom, passion and enthusiasm has passed away peacefully, aged 82.

The voice of many an illustrious Irish sporting night of triumph and heartache in equal measures, legendary RTE commentator and revered sports journalist Jimmy Magee guided a nation on the edge of their seats through 12 World Cups, 11 Olympic Games and countless Sunday evening’s shouting at the telly in his role as unshakeable sporting anorak on ‘A Question of Sport’ with George Hamilton, whom he shared a truly iconic on-screen and off-screen relationship with.

Always a staunch supporter of the Irish underdog, particularly in the realm of pugilism, the often outspoken (and usually right!) Magee famously became embroiled in a spat with Nigel Benn when weighing in to support his colleague Colm Murray in the build up to the Benn v Collins bout in 1996.

Cold Night in Bloemfontein, but there’s always a macho man!

Of course, there’s been some absolute gems from Jimmy over the years and YouTube reel is a series of Partridge-esue bloopers, inspiring nuggets of wisdom and cracking one-liners to boot; this particular one lives long in the memory of most avid footie fans fortunate enough to have watched the not-so-thrilling encounter between Greece and Nigeria at the 2010 World Cup!

The constant, unnerving soundtrack to many generations that featured great moments in our national sporting history and brought the struggles of Jack Charlton, Barry McGuigan, John Treacy, Steve Collins, Katie Taylor and much, much more into our living rooms. Magee will long be remembered fondly in Irish sporting and journalism circles as he was a genuinely decent man and wore his heart on his sleeve.

The excellent documentary which some of you may have missed, entitled ‘Once in a Lifetime’ narrated by Jimmy Magee featured the amazing tale of Dundalk’s rise to glory in the 80s and is a must-watch for League of Ireland fans, eir Sport have it in their archives, here it is in all it’s glory for those who missed it!

“Once in a Lifetime Dundalk 79/80” Narration Jimmy Magee from Patrick Hughes on Vimeo.

Jimmy was regarded as a fun-loving family man and a great support to young journalists looking to tap into his unbridled fountain of sporting knowledge and method of communication unrivaled in Irish commentary circles.

He’ll be missed, but never forgotten – #DifferentClass indeed.