Movie Review – The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman

With a star-studded cast, astounding original soundtrack and a gripping storyline, The Greatest Showman has already set the standard high for both musicals and movies to aspire to in 2018.

The Greatest Showman is based on the true story of P.T Barnum’s creation of the circus – how a vision became real life and the impact it had on the acts involved. Hugh Jackman is exquisite playing the role of Barnum, proving once again his triple threat of acting, singing and dancing makes him adaptable to just about any role in a musical. Zac Efron returns to singing too, having solely focused on acting since starring in Hairspray in 2007. Efron plays the fictional character Phil Carlyle, and viewers are exposed to much more mature and polished vocals since the actor’s High School Musical days.

Other notable characters include trapeze artist and Carlyle’s love interest Anne Wheeler (Zendaya), Swedish singer Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson), dwarf performer Charles Stratton (Sam Humphrey) and bearded lady Lettie Lutz (Keala Settle). Through dialogue and song viewers learn that these characters are outcasts in society, “not normal”, but they form a familial bond through performing together and wowing audiences with their uniqueness and talents.

The fact that this movie is a musical truly strengthens it. The brilliant soundtrack was composed by renowned songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, whose work have been featured in the award-winning movie La La Land and Broadway sensation Dear Evan Hansen. Each song is incredibly catchy with emotive lyrics, resulting in a perfect blend of ballads such as Never Enough and Tightrope, and pop anthems such as Come Alive and The Other Side.

In a world where influences and opinions are constantly changing, The Greatest Showman teaches love and acceptance. It tackles with topics such as racism, body-shaming, selfishness, power and status in a heartfelt and enthralling way which reinforces the underlying message of staying true to yourself and being kind and open-minded to those who may look or think differently to you. This sensational musical leaves viewers feeling optimistic, empowered and thoroughly entertained from start to finish and proves that success can be found from happiness within.

The Greatest Showman is in cinemas nationwide now.

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