The History and Evolution of the Games Console

Take a Journey Through the Annals of Retro Gaming Nostalgia!

As our regular readers will know, we’re huge fans of retro gaming here at DTHQ and we’re also stoked when an innovative Irish firms pulls out all the stops to create some amazing media assets!

With that in mind, it’d be remiss of us not to help showcase this fun interactive trip down memory lane for all the gamers among us, from the fine folk at DID Electric, the Evolution of Video Game Consoles is a breath of fresh air for fans of olschool gaming and it’s actually a bit of craic to play with in its own right as the little astronaut-fella leads us through the ages on a voyage through the world of gaming consoles from the Atati 2600 way back in 1977 right through to today’s big-hitters the PS4 and XBox One!

atari 2600

As you scroll further down through the interactive, you’re met with other cult classics including the little-known Magnavox Odyssey, early Nintendo and Sega classic iterations and the arrival of the dominant market players of the modern age, click on each item for a nice little trivia snippet around its history and evolution; each etched in our collective memories of a misspent youth having epic battles in multiple resolutions across an endless wave of sometimes classic / oft-times crumby games!

Nintendo 64

007 on the N64 is still one of our favourite all-time games, along with Zelda’s Ocarina of Time; this particular segment nearly brought a tear to the eye as the good ol’ days of an epic ‘Slappers Only’ GoldenEye battle with brothers and mates alike came flooding back!

Hats off to DID for bringing this kind of high-quaity production to our screens, it’s the blast from the past we didn;t quite know we needed until we saw it cropping up in our feeds this morning, but we’re truly grateful for it and hope to see much more of this kind of great gaming content in the very near future!

What’s your favourite game of all time? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below, or indeed online via Facebook or Twitter; happy gaming!