Recruitment Begins For Dublin Scientology Base

Victory Centre
Pic via Google Maps

Earlier this year it was revealed that the Church of Scientology purchased The Victory Centre premises in Firhouse Dublin. The centre was previously occupied by the Victory Christian Fellowship and earlier this year was snapped up for €6m from the hands of NAMA which was a third of the original value of €18m for the property. Local residents were unhappy with the sale as they had hoped it could be used as an Educational Institution.

According to their Facebook page recruitment has begun with images containing the caption “Say hello to the latest Dublin ideal org staff”. It’s thought up to 100 members could be based at the Firhouse centre.

According to a pitch received by Mike Rinder who was raised a Scientologist from the age of 6, members are asked to donate £1,000 in order to qualify to become an ‘Adventurers Club Member’. The option to upgrade to a Silver Certificate Membership comes with a £2,500 price tag with £5,000 the cost for Gold.

The pitch goes on to state that the sponsorship will support the training and relocation of the Auditors that will “Staff Dublin Ideal Org”. When the donation is received the new ‘Adventurers Club Member’ will receive a signed membership certificate plus a copy of the ethics file and a shamrock pin to validate their support of Ireland.