Radical Queers Resist Group Continued Their Protest Against ICBR

Radical Queers Resist
Pic via - @RadQueersResist

A group by the name of Radical Queers Resist continued their protest against the ICBR’s decision to display large graphic images in relation to abortion outside the Rotunda Hospital yesterday and once again at the Dáil today.

Members of the Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform were asked by The Rotunda to refrain from protesting outside the entrance with the maternity hospital adding that “Gardai were on site but they would like to warn any patients, visitors & passers-by in the area of these potentially distressing images.”

The Radical Queers Resist Group then posted images on their social media accounts of members blocking the distressing images with tri-colour and LGBT flags. The ICBR shifted their focus to the gates of Leinster House today however yet again they were met with not only members from the same group but also passers-by and volunteers who were looking to join the protest.

Speaking to Dailytrend.ie the Radical Queers Resist Group explained their reason for the protest,

“The images that the ICBR are displaying are offensive and distressing. We are not content to let graphic imagery be displayed in public with no option to opt out, where they can traumatise those who have gone through a miscarriage, FFA, abortion or unwanted pregnancies. We feel there is no place for unnecessary graphic images designed to upset on our streets, especially in places as insensitive as outside maternity hospitals. We wanted to cover the images to show our disgust with this kind of cruel display, and to hopefully make things a bit easier for the people hurt and distressed by these images.”

Radical Queers Resist
The protest outside the Rotunda Hospital yesterday