Phil Lynott Honoured in Touching Tribute

‘Ode to Phil’ Oozes Class

Dublin poet Daniel Breslin, has released the video for his poem Ode To Phil, a tribute to the legendary Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy and later solo fame. Alongside an array of contributors young and old, the film includes Philomena Lynott, Phil’s mother and biographer (pictured being presented with a print of the poem by Breslin).

Breslin has performed numerous times over the last twelve years at the Vibe For Philo, the annual tribute night that has run every January 4th since the first anniversary of Lynott’s death in 1986, at age 36. This year both poem and the video’s premiere were rapturously received at a sold-out Whelan’s.

The short is directed by indie filmmaker Van Poynton and merges video of the contributors with the distinctive work of pencil artist Lindsay Wright to remarkable effect.

Check it out out:

Of the breathtaking video, Breslin commented:

“We wanted to show how much Phil is still alive in this country, this city, and in people the world over. People come from far and wide every year to the Vibe for Philo, he has lifelong fans everywhere, devoted to keeping his memory alive, he’ll always be loved.”

The film includes diehard Lizzy fans, dedicated Vibe musicians, emerging Irish poets and writers, and people of Dublin and the world who were eager to pay tribute to Lynott, each reciting different parts of Breslin’s poem in diverse Dublin and Ireland locations. One shot catches a glimpse of “the Cork and Kerry Mountains” mentioned in Lizzy’s classic recording of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’.

Legendary Irish promoter, Smiley Bolger, who has run the Vibe for 32 years and counting and has done arguably as much if not more than any other person to keep Phil’s memory alive, himself makes a poignant appearance reciting Breslin’s lines ‘The heart rendered, may Philip always be remembered’, and is delighted with the end result:

‘It is a superb film and tribute.’ – Smiley Bolger.

Breslin presented the poem to Philomena in January and was met with much appreciation throughout the Dublin poetry and music scene for his work.

phil lynnott poem

Having endorsed the work and even starring in the video, poignantly wrapping up the final lines of the four-minute epic, the wonderful Philomena herself commented:

‘Daniel’s dedication to my son Philip is outstanding, loved by Philip’s fans the world over, but especially me.’

You can check out the poem in all its glory for yourself or even buy a limited edition print over on the poet’s website at

This really is one of the coolest things to hit the Dublin music and poetry scene in quite a while!