What is a Pay As You Go gym and is it worth it?

barbell at the gym

It’s the time of the year, once again, that Irish folk in their masses are looking to fulfil their new year’s resolutions for a healthier way of eating, getting in shape and a more active lifestyle. Joining the gym is the first thing many of us do in these early days of the year. Apparently, it turns out that there’s a significant percentage of us, that can’t be as much as consistent and eventually give up those long-term goals. In fact, in our previous article, we talk about some of the things you can do if you hate the gym.

Some of the reasons why people’s motivation for hitting the gym wears off, are the lack of time, the monthly fees that should be paid even in the case you want to hit the gym only during the weekends, as well as the high expectations we set for ourselves. A pay-as-you-go gym can’t limit your goals and ambitions but is definitely one of the best options out there, in case you can identify yourself in the above sentences.

In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of joining a pay-as-you-go gym, and how this can be beneficial for every each of us.

But, what exactly is a Pay-As-You-Go gym?

Pay-as-you-go gym is essentially a payment method, more and more gyms are utilising in order to make member’s life easier an help them achieve their goals. Clients are being charged only for the days they are actually visiting the gym and only for their preferred activity.

What are the advantages of the pay-as-you-go gym?

There are several advantages of choosing a pay-as-you-go to the gym.

1. Budget control

First and foremost, the majority of us are keen on efficient ways of controlling the money we spent throughout the year and of course to spend less when possible.  If you are a regular gym visitor this doesn’t really interest you. But if you are not a gym freak kind of person and you are only going at the gym only once or twice a week (which is still better than none) then you might be glad to have the option to pay only for those gain-days. Gym owners understand that and are giving us the opportunity to choose what best fit for our needs. Just pay every time you visit the gym, either is for weight training or for an easy evening swimming. Grand, right?

2.  Choose your favourite activity

There are days or weeks that you feel like the strongest bodybuilder out there. You really want to hit the gym and lift those heavyweights. But there are sometimes that you would really enjoy a spinning class or just a swim in the swimming pool. Choosing a pay-as-you-go gym, allows you to pick between swimming classes, group exercises glasses or the weight room. Is great not to have to pay for services you are not using but only for what really interests you.

3. Be flexible in case of relocation

It is well known that housing in Dublin is not in its greatest shape. It’s often hard to find a decent apartment and the majority of us are willing to move once we spot a better opportunity. With that said, a flexible gym membership in Dublin is more like a necessity rather than just another option.  Of course, there are many gyms that are now offering roaming programmes for their network of gyms which might come in handy if you are a regular gym-goer.

What are the disadvantages of the pay-as-you-go gym?

There are no real disadvantages of choosing this kind of billing method if the case is that you are hitting the gym limited times during the month. However, it could be tricky if you don’t do your maths right.

For example, you might start hitting the gym 4 times per month. With an average cost of 7 euros per session, you will pay approximately 28 euros. Here comes the tricky part. You might realise that 5 times are not enough and you can probably squeeze one more session before sitting in front of your dinner on a Wednesday evening after work. This can rapidly increase your expenses, even in double. Or in case you spot some good personal trainers, you might think that this is a good opportunity to get some additional motivation and hopefully more solid results. In this case, a more expensive gym that provides a personal trainer with no additional charge maybe is a better option for you.

Whatever you choose, there is no doubt that hitting your nearest or your preferred gym, is the best option overall. At the end of the day, you are going to feel great, and perhaps even have the disposable income buy your self one more beer on your next night out as a result of your choice; you’ve still gotta live a little, after all!