Musical Spotlight – NOMW (No Matter What)


Working with Ed Sheeran and Beyoncés producer is a something many artists can only dream of however English musician NOMW (No Matter What) has already ticked it off his list. The 24-year-old’s passion for music began at a young age and has taken him across the UK before finally landing in London where he is now creating and developing a unique take on pop music.

After recently changing his artistry name, NOMW has branched away from his acoustic roots and taken up an electronic approach to his tracks, creating a complimentary blend between the two worlds and producing an ambient and modern style of pop.

Preferring to stay true to his background in live acoustic performances, NOMW can be frequently found gigging in prestigious spots in the city centre such as Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street. Having amassed a loyal following onto his online platforms, a buzz around the artist has begun to grow along with his supporters.

A new awaited project, spearheaded by the track ‘Chasing Highs’ is scheduled to be released later into the year. An album that is pitched to be the turning point in his career and pave the way to future success. Take a listen to NOMW’s ‘Chasing Highs’ below.