Money saving tips for students

We all know being a student can be tough. Between juggling all your college work, your social life, and a part time job, the last thing you need is to worry about money. It also might be the first time in your life that you’re solely responsible for your own finances and maybe you’re realising you’re not the savvy student you thought you would be.

With summer looming, everyone is guilty of making amazing plans to travel or to go to every festival under the sun, only to remember that they have a solid fiver in the bank. But worry not, as we’ve put together some super simple tips to help you save a few quid every week.

1.Make a budget

We know how boring and annoying this is, but a budget really does help you stay on track with your spending. Write down your necessities for the month and then use the leftover money to try fit in your wants.

2.Do a weekly shop

You would be surprised at how much you’ll save by doing a big weekly shop in a cheap supermarket like Lidl or Tesco. Usually, corner shops are far more expensive and if you find yourself nipping in there every time you’re hungry, you’ll cost yourself a small fortune. Try buy foods that don’t go off quickly too, so there’s always something in the press. 

3.Packed lunches

Number two will really help you out with this as you’ll actually have something to pack! You really don’t realise how much you spend buying lunch in college every day. Take a few minutes each day and make a nice sambo or a salad and you won’t be tempted to spend when you’re out.

4.Pre drink

Pre drinking does not mean getting as absolutely smashed as you can before you get to the club. When done responsibly, having a few drinks with your friends can save you some cash before you go out and it’s also usually the best bit of the night.

5.Leave the debit card at home

Following on from number 4… It is inevitable that the debit card you brought on a night out “in case of an emergency” will be used for “emergency” shots and then afterwards for an “emergency” McDonalds. Save yourself the fear of looking at your bank account the next day and just leave the card at home. You can only spend the cash you took out with you.

6.Use your student discount

So many places offer a student discount from clothes shops to restaurants, so do your research! Unidays is also great for online shopping and sometimes can save you up to 25% or get you free delivery. You’ll miss it when you’re not a student so milk it while you can!

7.Get a student leap card

We’ve all found ourselves having to break a tenner in the local shop to get change for the bus, and then not being able to remember where we spent the rest of the change or paying extra cause we didn’t have the exact fare. Getting yourself a student leap card will not only save you a lot of hassle but a lot of money too, especially over the course of a year. Student leap cards also have a weekly cap of €20 for the bus and €27 for the Dart and Commuter rail.