Meet Vero – The New Social Media App

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There’s a new player in the social media app scene. Vero – True Social was originally launched in 2015 in the US and Canada aiming to “radically change the way consumers think and interact on social media.”

According to their website; “Vero is a relationship-first social network, focused on providing users with a unique platform to share content and interact with others, by mirroring real-world relationships in an online setting.”

Ayman Hariri, CEO and Co-Founder of Vero said “In a world where you are what you post, Vero serves the needs and desires of people who want a safe, genuine reflection of their real-life relationships in an online setting. We have created a platform where users can express themselves in the most natural way possible.”

“Social networks tend to treat online relationships as a one-size-fits-all model, and that simply isn’t the way people interact in real life. There’s a special tone you use to talk with your coworkers, just as there is an ease in your voice when you chat with your closest friends. At Vero, we’ve figured out a way to humanize online relationships and replicate these one-to-one communication nuances.”

The app aims to strip back social media and hand control back to the users who can share photos, links, music, movies, T.V, books and places. Their ‘audience selector’ makes it easier to choose exactly who can and cannot see your posts. An integrated payment system allows books, music and other items to be purchased without the need for leaving the app.

One of the potentially big selling points is that Vero contains no advertising, which they say removes the need for complex algorithms and most importantly the need for mining users data.

With the latest Snapchat update and Facebook Newsfeed changes leaving many looking elsewhere for their social media app of choice, Vevo could be a welcome addition to the market. The app is available to download free for the first 1 million users with their Twitter account already having to apologise for downtime due to it’s surging popularity.