Maynooth University First To Install ‘EnergyPods’

Maynooth University
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College life can be energy-sapping at the best of times, however, Maynooth University has installed a high tech solution. Students can now take 20-minute naps inside two brand new Energypods. They have become the first Irish university to implement the measure which they hope will help deal with energy levels.

The 2017 MU Library Innovation Award and the #IfStudentsDidLibraries campaign offered students a chance to pitch their ideas on how to improve life at the library. Brian Crinion, a first-year student was crowned the overall winner and awarded €1,000 along with his idea being installed.

According to the Maynooth University Website Brian said ;

“I came up with the idea while I was trying to find a healthy way of balancing my long commute to university, my classes and my extracurricular activities. I looked at the benefits of short napping during the day and researched ways of fitting them in to student life. The EnergyPods were the perfect solution.”

“Winning a Maynooth Library Innovation Award was amazing. It was so good to have my voice heard as a first-year student, and to have my idea actually help other students really empowered me and hopefully now it will empower other students too.”

Various studies have shown that taking short naps at work can be shown to improve employee productivity, decrease stress and improve morale. The trend has been adopted by some of the worlds largest companies including Google, Uber and Ben & Jerry’s.