The Key To Finding Jobs In Ireland in 2018

Tips for Irish Job Hunters

As we embark on a brand new year with our employment market looking its healthiest in many, many years, finding the right job here in Ireland is actually fairly simple, but you have to have an idea of how you will find a new job. Thankfully, the joys of the Internet have made it a hell of a lot simpler than it used to be to pick up a decent employment prospect and there are a few steps we recommend you can go through to get a good job.

You will start your search where you are right now (online!) and you should make sure that you have gone through each step, exhausting all possible options available to you before you start compiling a shortlist, applying and dustng off that suit for the interviewing phase!

Start Taking LinkedIn More Seriously

The Microsoft-backed job-mecca LinkedIn is well and truly on the rise, and the proliferation of job-hunting capabilities on Twitter is in decline, with this trend only set to continue according to the latest DMI research into digital trends in 2018.

You are more likely to meet the right people on LinkedIn because that is the place where people expect to find talent and get jobs and their new jobs-search dedicated app is really taking things to the next level.

Searching through Twitter job boards and #jobfairy-esque hashtags will not prove as fruitful, and you will likely get hampered by all manner of scammers and spammers that are usually filtered out to a higher standard by LinkedIn.

linkedin jobs app Remains Top of the Pile

Looking at traditional Irish job site options, you should definitely have a look at to seek jobs up and down the country, and you will have a lot of fun perusing through all the different categories that you might want to work in.

You can scour the site for new jobs every day and even set up job alerts whereby you’ll receive an email every time a job in your interest realm is posted; probably the best option currently available from all the job sites to help you find something that piques your interest at present. Still a Good Bet is a very nice site that has a catalogue of pretty much all the jobs you could ever want to find in Ireland. We suggest you do spend some time browsing through the listings  because they often have a different variety than other sites you have may have seen.

The user experience could do with a little TLC but the site search function is pretty handy for searching by job title and/or sector.

We Love Jobs so we do!

A newer entrant to the online jobs market space we’ve seen recently is the beautifully-named We Love Jobs website. It seems like a well-stocked resource offering jobs that many of the bigger players don’t appear to have listed across pretty much all sectors of the Irish employment sector and beyond, one to watch in the new year we reckon!

Their handy little job search function is simplicity at its finest:

we love jobs search function


Sprucing up your CV

As you begin identifying which roles you’re keen to be considered for, you must have a CV that is both current and colourful! You need to let prospective employers know that you have education, experience, and know how to work in their industry.

Your CV should be updated every few months to ensure that you will have something current to give to a potential employer, and you will find that you may impress people on the top half of your CV/resume more easily than by sending several pages.

Applying for Jobs Online

This one is a no-brainer to us, as illustrated above; the beauty of online job-seeking is that you can easily apply for all jobs you find, and you will spread out your job search easily so that you have more job options. You will be quite happy with the way that you have managed the application process, and you will avoid going into offices and filling out applications by hand.

A good, solid cover letter should accompany your CV all online applications and be sure to tailor it to the specific role in which you’re applying.

Relocating to Ireland for Work?

Someone who is relocating to Ireland can actually go to to find all the information they need on jobs and places to live. You will see a lot of listings made for people who are moving to Ireland currently, and you will feel much better because you get a list of localised resources specific to your intended move.

Go Forth and Succeed!

So, whether you’re living here already or embarking on a new adventure for life here in Ireland, it is easier than ever to find a job in Ireland when you use these (hopefully!) helpful tips.

You will save quite a lot of time and energy while searching, and you will find a job that you believe is the best one for you. You may use online technology to search for a job, and you will begin to use. The technology to create your resume, apply for jobs, and possibly work remotely. You may get information on relocating, and you will find that there are many sites that tell you how to move to Ireland and get a job.