Japanese Company Gives Non-Smokers 6 Extra Days Leave


A company in Japan is giving it’s non-smoker staff an extra 6 days annual holiday leave to compensate for smoke breaks during working hours. A spokesman for Piala Inc, an advertising agency based in Tokyo said the breaks were taking around 15 minutes due to the office being located on the 29th floor of the building.

At least 30 of the workers have already taken advantage of the offer which was introduced in September this year. The scheme is already having a positive impact with several smokers already taking the decision to kick the habit.

A No-Smoking patrol in Japan

Many of Japans more richer areas have been applying various kinds of anti-smoking laws. Designated special smoking sections have been introduced with offenders caught breaking the rule subject to a fine. According to figures in 2016, over 20 million people in Japan are smokers with 29% being male and 9% female.

Would a similar policy be good for Irish workers? Let us know your thoughts.