Ireland’s Greatest Mattress Unpacked

Easca mattress ireland

The Public Have Spoken and it’s Clear-Cut!

As we were in the market for a new mattress during the week, we did what any good social media junkie would and put it to the great Irish public to ask the simple question:

Who sells the best mattresses online in Ireland?

It wasn’t long before the votes started rolling into our poll (all 9 of them!) and from the four options presented based on some thorough market research we’d be doing over the past couple of weeks in pursuit of the perfect night’s kip (Googling established mattress brands and picking the top 4 best-reviewed).. the results were near unaminous; well, 67% is pretty compelling.

Now that’s where the fun started; as we navigated through the checkout process on the Easca, we noticed there’s a pretty generous ‘€100 off your first order’ offer on their site (using discount code EASCA100) which immediately affirmed our belief that the wonderful Twitterati may well have been right about this one and we were on to a good thing, for a change!

In less than 16 hours from ordering online, the brand new Easca had landed in Casa DailyTrend and after being unpacked and left to air away a slightly gassy new-mattress pong overnight, we’re delighted to confirm that it is, well and truly, the greatest mattress in all the land!

With it’s gel cooling feature, the Easca positions itself unlike any other memory foam mattress and at €745 for a King size, it was a decent price when comparing the market (up to 3k for similar at some other online retailers). Still though, it’s a fair chunk to invest in something you haven’t touched yet but their excellent 100-day no quibble return policy helps make that trigger little easier to pull. The checkout process was seamless with none of the complications one might experience in-store with your average ‘Dog Kennel’ salesman:

There’ll be no bags on heads or ‘Lamb of God’ chants from these particular Dog Kennel retailers!

Disclaimer: We haven’t actually had a night’s kip on any of the others, as that would involve buying four different mattresses, but we’re pretty darn satisfied with this one!