iD Mobile Announce Termination Of Service

iD Mobile

iD Mobile have announced the termination of their service in Ireland. A Liquidator has been appointed to the mobile provider which is owned and operated by Carphone Warehouse.

Any of iD Mobiles 40,000 customers who currently avail of phone, SIM only and mobile broadband on both Prepay and Billpay plans now have 30 days until April 6th to switch to a new provider. Full service will remain in place until the cut off date.

Any current customer who does not switch network provider before the deadline may not be able to make or receive calls, texts and use mobile data. Additionally, their number may not be available to be transferred to a new provider. Those who have recently purchased a new handset and paid in full can retain their phone without the need for additional payments while those with outstanding balances will be required to maintain any payments going forward.

Customers will be contacted in relation to the announcement and can also visit the iDmobile website for more details.

This represents a decent opportunity for ID customers to find some value in the mobile market, with a whole host if Irish network operators likely to be vying for the business of existing ID mobile customers.

Of the major players, eir seem the pick of the bunch, with the best value offers to those who switch to eir Mobile through the month of March. You can view their simple porting process and avail of their great value offers including free calls to any network and unlimited mobile broadband on either bill pay or prepay plans here.