Huge ‘No’ Repeal Sign Erected On Side Of Sligo Mountain

8th Amendment
Pic via @Savethe8thInfo

Campaigners for a No vote in the upcoming 8th amendment referendum have erected a huge ‘No’ sign on the side of Ben Bulben mountain in Sligo this morning. A video posted on Twitter shows the sign being constructed in the early hours with the caption “amazing views and scenery keep our country abortion-free”.

The 100-metre tall sign has naturally drawn criticism from Yes supporters however the organisers behind the structure said they have not acted illegally and did receive the landowner’s permission beforehand.

Sligo County Council released a statement following the sign appearing today;

“Sligo County Council has received a number of complaints in relation to the signage on Benbulben mountain.”

“The Council considers that any issues arising from the erecting of this signage can only be dealt with under planning legislation. The matter, therefore, is now subject to investigation by the Planning Enforcement Section.”

“As with all complaints received, these will be investigated by enforcement staff in accordance with the provisions of planning legislation.”

Earlier this month members of the Radical Queers Resist group used LGBT flags and sheets to cover up graphic signs which were being displayed by the ICBR both outside the Rotunda Hospital and the Dáil.