How These Innovative ‘Dignity Packs’ Are Helping Ireland’s Homeless

Dignity Packs
Molly with Superdrug Executives who donated enough products to fill 200 packs

Ireland’s homeless problem has shown little signs of improvement in recent years however the number of people striving towards helping those in need is on the rise. Molly Comish from Bray came up with the idea for her Dignity Packs after seeing so many homeless people on the streets of Dublin on a cold Christmas Eve. She then set about thinking what dignity meant to her and explored the idea which led to creating the packs.

“For me, dignity is about being clean. So I thought I’d put together a pack of essential items that homeless people might not be able to buy.”

Using the money saved up from her part-time job she set about sourcing items to include in 30 packs to distribute in the Bray and Wicklow areas however the idea quickly grew legs. A production line was set up in her school and soon fellow classmates were all lending a hand with the cause with the packs also being handed out in Dublin.

Each pack contained a toothbrush, toothpaste, sponge, face cloth, soap, deodorant,
wet wipes, tissues, hat, socks, gloves, plasters, cotton buds, nail files, brush or comb,
toilet roll, water, sweet treat, cereal bar, lip balm, hand cream, travel shampoo/conditioner/shower gel and sanitary towels/tampons.

Mollys generous, innovate idea won her a UK/Ireland citizen award last year which resulted in T.V appearances on RTE and BBC News. If you would like to know more about Dignity Packs or get involved you can contact them through their Facebook page here.