HOMS Solicitors announce twelve new positions in Limerick

Good news for the Munster employment market

The law firm HOMS Solicitors Limerick has opened twelve new jobs, seeking to fill a range of positions, including legal secretaries, interns, a solicitor and IT professionals. Applications can be completed directly on the firm’s website and are open until the beginning of March. 

While some of these positions require experience in the field, there are also openings for those who are looking to start their careers in the legal sector. There are eight intern positions open to recent graduates without prior experience. The solicitor vacancy, specializing in employment law, is open to newly qualified solicitors. The open positions are related to various departments, across 27 disciplines practice areas.

With the exception of the intern positions, which typically last around nine months, all of the listed vacancies are full-time, permanent jobs. The deadline for application for all positions is March 8th, with flexible starting dates expected the following month. To apply, visit their vacancies page.

“We offer competitive salaries and benefits, as well as excellent opportunities for career growth and progression in all areas,” said Margaret McInerney, HR Manager at HOMS Solicitors.