Good Friday Alcohol Ban Set To Be Lifted

Good Friday

The ban on selling alcohol on Good Friday may soon be a thing of the past. Today members of the Dáil passed legislation which will allow the sale of alcohol on the day. The legislation will now be sent to the President in order for it to be signed into law and will come into effect immediately.

Those working in the tourism and hospitality industry have been campaigning for many years for the ban, which was first introduced in 1927, to be lifted.

Donall O’Keeffe, Chief Executive of The Licensed Vintners Association, said the decision to allow the sale of alcohol on Good Friday was long overdue.

“Removing the ban is simple common sense. The large number of tourists visiting Ireland at Easter were confused by a law that made Ireland appear out of touch with the rest of our European neighbours.

“The extra day’s trade at such a busy time of year will be a welcome boost. This change is a win for our customers, our tourists, our suppliers and the wider hospitality sector.”

“The fact the Bill received all-party support illustrates there is little opposition to Good Friday trading, as has always been the case for retailers in other sectors.”