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Fruity Suits
The popular 'Shamrock' suit

In the second of our ‘Business Bites’ series where we sit down with an Irish entrepreneur we spoke to Ian Tilson, creator and ‘Chief Enjoyment Officer’ for Fruitysuits.

How did Fruitysuits begin?

After living in Australia for a few years I made my way back to Ireland the scenic way, stopping off in a few countries. While in Asia I got a bespoke suit made with a design that had been in my head for a long time, a pineapple business suit. It got amazing reactions when I wore it in Ireland and when I got a bad sports injury later that year that required surgery and a lot of couch time I decided to see if I could turn the idea of this fruit covered suit into a business, and that’s how all started.

Fruity Suits
Al Porter presenting his show wearing a rainbow fruitysuit
What’s your Background?

My background is in software and e-commerce so I had a bit of a head start from the online side but there have been plenty of lessons learned in the fashion/costume end of things, joining the rag trade as such. I leaned on a lot of friends to start with, from professionals giving some great mentoring to some friends having to become overnight suit models along with great help spreading the word about Fruitysuits on social media and otherwise.

How is the business growing and what are your future plans?

Our Shamrock suits were a hit straight away and got a lot of media coverage at the European Championships in France, along with appearing on some Irish celebrity shoulders such as Dermot & Dave and The Happy Pear.

Since then we’ve opened up to ship worldwide and recently had one of our suits feature on The Jimmy Kimmel Live show in the United States. You’ll usually spot one or more of our suits on TV at Conor McGregor fights, rugby and soccer internationals or festivals. If you want to be seen and stand out it’s a great way to do it, put on the suit and you become an instant celebrity, they’re pretty popular for stag nights because of this, companies too often use them for conferences to stand out.

Fruity Suits
Dickie Barrett wearing a shamrock suit on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show

We’ve now got a great range of quality slim fit suits with eccentric designs, our Retro 80’s suit is a personal favourite along with our Rainbow Suit and Christmas Jumper Suit which is perfect attire for those who want to stand out at the Christmas Party. Christmas & Halloween are big times of the year for us.

As for the suits, they’re designed to make people feel great and look amazing, each one comes with a jacket, pants & matching tie and if you want to get the best suit you’ll ever own right now, you can go to

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