Freedom to Fitness with

A brand new Irish business is aiming to provide freedom to fitness lovers everywhere. is the creation of Sophie Feruch & Gary Murphy who both have extensive experience in the industry.

Speaking in an interview on the Mental Fitness Podcast they both explained the background behind the idea and just how it works.

“By signing up to people will be able to choose their most comfortable atmosphere and have social workouts too. They’ll be able to jump from gym to gym and workout with friends in different areas.”

“This will help people build their long-term healthy habits. We’ve also installed capacity sensors in the gyms so by going onto our website you’ll be able to see live information detailing how busy or quiet a gym is before going.”

The concept works by signing up and using the service on a pay-as-you-go basis with the freedom to attend any registered gym by simply scanning a QR code through your smartphone upon arrival. There are also discounted prices available for people who attend at quieter periods during the day.

For more details you can check out or listen to the full Mental Fitness Podcast interview on Podbean, iTunes or Stitcher.