‘i’ Marks the Spot for eir

eir no more black spots

Irish broadband giant gives Daily Mail publishers a headache

As part of an ingenious campaign executed by Rothco, eir has pulled out all the stops – or rather coloured in all the stops – breathing new life back into print advertising with a fresh new take on the visually-aesthetic. Their simple-yet-effective introduction of coloured full-stops and dots on ‘i’s to highlight the significance of their new ‘no more black spots’ campaign showcasing their excellent new Wifi calling service.

eir wifi calling service

This ingenious stunt was rolled out across the entire publication of last week’s Daily Mail Magazine and involved the meticulous re-colouring of each and every dot in the magazine to eir’s brand colours of pink, blue, yellow and orange.. no black spots (on your network coverage), get it?!

We’d be keen to learn how that promise held up in light of Hurricane Oplelia, but the whole notion of Wifi calling as a standalone service in their offering does represent an exciting prospect, enabling users to make and receive calls off their minutes plan and over a wifi connection; certainly refreshing to see an Irish telecoms firm innovating in this space and communicating it in a creative, non-arsey manner!

eir daily mail piece

According to AdWeek, the scale of the task was pretty daunting for those tasked with implementing it and there was plenty of back and forth between eir, Rothco and the Daily Mail to get it over the line, with creative director Shane O’Brien stating:

“We should also probably apologise to the designers at the Daily Mail, who had to sit up all night combing through the entire magazine replacing black dots, one by one.”

The net result is, however, an impressive one and certainly makes the publication stand out, from an artistic design perspective. We wonder if we’ll see more of this kind of fresh take on print advertising being rolled out in future?