Your Ultimate Guide to the 2018 Dublin Games Festival

dublin gaming festival

Ireland’s Premier Gaming Event Comes to the RDS

Calling all gaming fans! We’re truly stoked about this awesome event taking place in Dublin this Winter, giving old-school gaming nerds and Gen Z gaming kids alike the opportunity to immerse themselves in a plethora of cool gaming genres and technologies front retro arcades to cutting-edge VR, they’ve got it all and we can’t wait for it!

For all you need to know about the event, check out the following guide to the event itself and feel free to visit their website at for tickets and anything we haven’t covered below!

What is the Dublin Games Festival?!

The Dublin Games Festival (DGF, hereinafter) is the next stop on the Dublin Games Roadmap brought by Aoenspark Events, following on from the hugely successful Dublin Games Summit at Dublin’s Alex Hotel back in July of this year.

DGF is Ireland’s Largest gaming event and being hosted in the RDS on the 24th November. This event will be like nothing Ireland has seen before with a huge emphasis on entertainment and experiences and hosting Ireland’s largest ever esports tournaments.

According to the organisers:

“DGF vows to put the consumer first in every way, bringing accessibility to all ages, ease of access, a complete and safe environment and entertainment never seen before in Ireland.”

The event will cater to a number of different areas and activities such as esports, community games, children’s entertainment, retro zone, unique activations, expo, business area, vendors, artists, indie developers and streamers (YouTube/Mixer/Twitch)

Competitive Esports Tournaments

Esports is one of the worlds fastest growing sports and at DGF this will be one of the highlights. Working with RAID (Ireland’s premier esports production company), (one of Ireland’s leading AV companies), the esports arena in RDS will showcase the best of the best to give a real Wow factor to the event.

On show will be Fortnite, currently the worlds most popular game and something we’ve been nigh-on addicted to here at DTHQ having snapped one up for the the PS4 last month and what better way to showcase Fortnite at DGF than to have Epic Games (Publisher) backing the competition and hosting one of the Europes largest Fortnite Tournaments (100 PC’s). This game is so popular that tournament tickets sold out in less than a week!

The other top esports titles DGF will be running are League of Legends/Super Smash Bros/Overwatch/Rocket League and CS:GO. RAID will be hostting qualifications of League of Legends/Overwatch and CS:Go prior to the event with the finals live on stage and Fortnite/Super Smash Bros and Rocket League will all be played out live at the event from start to finish (With the finals also being on the main stage). There are cash prizes all on offer for each tournament

Community Gaming Area and Retro Zone

What do people want when going to a gaming convention? Well, play games, of course!

There will two main sections at DGF, where guests can come and play all types of new and old title. The ‘Community Games’ area will focus heavily on new titles from some of the top publishers in the world and will ensure fair use is and play time is adhered to, to give access to as many players as possible.

The Retro Zone (Hosted by the awesome 8-Bit Conference team) will do what it does best, bring nostalgia, fun and entertainment to its guests, ranging from arcades to free to play consoles, to mascots and cosplay, music and more.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Entertainment is absolutely key at any event especially gaming and DGF vows to make this the event the most entertaining event out there. On show will be a variety of activations including children’s entertainment including Balloon Making, Face-painting, Mascots, Live activities and more. On site will also be a number of VR cages to experience the very best in VR for all ages.

For the Lego lovers in the audience, both and Lim Brick City will be there, showcasing some unbelievable Lego gaming inspired builds as well as a large play area where kids and adults alike can build and create as far as their imagination can take them, Monster Energy will be welcoming everyone to the event the way only Monster knows how, with wild and vibrant displays, music and gaming sections where you can play the latest and greatest games with a Monster Twist (Plus a very special YouTube guest tbc).

Also on site will be Ireland’s first Mario Kart RC racecourse, this 20ft x 20ft experience will allow guests to compete in old style Mario Kart Battles around the arena in a competitive 6-way elimination battle – never before has Mario Kart been this much fun, although you might wanna run that by Stormy Daniels first!

‘Doom’ Creator John Romero

The ‘FPS King’ himself will be at DGF as well. John, the creator of Doom/Wolfenstein 3D and many more world-renowned titles, will not only be meeting and greeting with guests but will also be inviting people to battle against him in the highly-anticipated ‘Doom Death Matches’.

That’s right, at DGF, you will actually be able to play against the creator of Doom himself! Open and available to all (time permitting) John will be a highlight of DGF this year. John will also be gracing the business stage where he will be talking about his experiences in gaming, his history as a whole and taking any questions the audience might have.

Official Gaming Merchandise

DGF will be host to a huge amount of exhibitors from artists to gaming technology vendors to accessories and more spread across the main hall. If you’re looking to pick up something gaming-related, DGF is the right place to be and if you can’t make the event, we’re huge fans of the gaming offers at Littlewoods all year round; they do a nice deal on this Turtle Beach Wireless 600 headset we’ve been taunting online Fortnite opponents with!

All of DGF’s vendors will be ensuring everything is set to fair trade and DGF will enforce this policy to ensure every guest is treated fairly.

Online Gaming Streams

One of the primary goals at Dublin Games is promote both established and emerging Irish gaming talent and to help grow that talent to become recognised on both a a national and international scale so they’ve teamed up with over 20 streamers from across YouTube/Mixer and Twitch.

Each streamer will be available for a meet and great (time permitting) and will be hosted on DGF’s streamer stage where they will be discussing topics from across the social platforms and answering questions from guests throughout. They will also be streaming from Streaming pods throughout the event so you can catch them online as well and a number of DGF’s streamers can be found on the streaming page of their website

DGF Event Partners

Another major goal of DGF is to ensure that the band partners with the best of the best and with brands with like minded ideals and putting the customer first. DGF has partnered with Geek Ireland – Ireland’s largest Geek Website and online platform accredited for successfully backing several different geek related opportunities such as the very successful Token Arcade in Dublin.

Spin103FM has been selected as DGF media radio partner to truly push out DGF is for the community and that its guests come first. Other partners include 8-Bit Conference, Total Expo, GFD, Four Star Pizza, Monster Energy, Trust Gaming, Irish Rail, Autism Ireland with more yet to be announced.

Everyone Loves a Bit of Cosplay

What would a gaming event be without Cosplayers? That is why DGF is putting up to 1000.00 euro in prizes for its professional cosplay competition hosted by the highly-acclaimed Guild of Nerds crew.

on 24th November DGF will be the host of one of the largest gathering on gaming cosplays (and others) in Ireland. A pro/intermediate and beginner categories are all available and people can sign up either online or on the day.

Business and Public Information Sections

Continuing on from the success of Dublin Games Summit, DGF will have a separate section within the venue catering to both Public and Business alike. The public access area will be open to all the guests and will allow parents and children alike to hear from industry experts on what gaming is for you. Highlighting the pros and cons on gaming and how to make a educated decision on play time and game choice.

From disabilities and special needs to health to injury norms, guests at the DGF can expect to leave this area of the event a lot more informed on the status of gaming in the world and how it can effect us all both positively and negatively. In the Business section this will be open to guest with a business pass to the event and will be able to listen to industry experts in development, commercial trends, business trends and John Romero of course.

DGF will also have several business stands throughout this side of the event where people can interact and engage with businesses and find out more about why they’re at the event, there’s bound to be some nice, exclusive deals to be had!

Championing Accessibility

DGF is delighted to be partnering up with Autism Ireland. Another goal of any Dublin Games Event is to make the event as accessible as possible to everyone and DGF is no different.

Autism Ireland is a truly amazing organisation doing incredible work across the country supporting people with Autism and helping to make their lives that little bit easier. DGF will be working with Autism Ireland in creating a accessibility plan to ensure that anybody can enjoy the event. This will include full, detailed write-ups on sound and heat maps at the venue, detailed time calenders on excessive visuals and sound, early access from 9am-10am, a special entrance to allow free movement throughout and much more.

To finish with a quote that pretty much sums up the spirit of this great event, we’ll leave you with the words of Graeme Moore, COO of Dublin Games Festival:

“DGF is all about our amazing customers, without them events like this couldn’t happen. Our goal is to provide the best possible entertainment in a way that will amaze even the veterans of the gaming world. Seeing a smIle on our guests’ Faces leaving our event is the most important aspect to us.”

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