Dublin Blogger’s brave battle against Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Treatment for Lyme Disease patients is largely only available outside Ireland

A Dublin blogger is hoping to raise vital funds to help her battle against Lyme Disease. 33-year-old Avril Mc Donnell had been battling illness which nobody could discover the cause of until she found an amazing Doctor who carried out specialised testing and discovered that she had Lyme disease along with a number of co-infections.

Since the diagnosis, Avril has been undergoing difficult treatment but is now just taking things day by day and doing what the doctors say.

“I know I need to remain patient but it doesn’t help to feel completely and utterly useless sometimes. It has taken a hell of a lot out of me both physically and mentally. Both infections have spread around my entire body creating debilitating symptoms. They are sneaky infections that invade cells and spread around the body whilst remaining undetected by the immune system. The consultant doesn’t know how long I have had these infections, how long it will take to destroy them or what lasting damage they have caused.”

“Fingers crossed things will improve over time and I can get some quality of life back. Right now I am mainly house and bedbound so any improvements even slight ones would be amazing. I suppose all you can do (as Dory from Finding Nemo would say) is just “keep swimming”.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, is an infectious disease caused by bacteria of the Borrelia type which is spread by ticks. First-line treatment is available in the form of short-term antibiotics following a bite from a tick. Avril explained she has tried all treatment options available over here which is why she needed to explore outside the box at alternative treatments abroad.

Specialised treatment is available outside of Ireland and through her own online research, Avril stumbled across various options, one of which is immunotherapy in the form of stem cell treatment. Patients who have undergone this form of immunotherapy have said the results have been as high as 85% successful.

Unfortunately with most successful illness treatments comes the huge cost which Avril discovered to be €30,000. Immunotherapy is still pretty ground breaking and currently only available in a clinic called Infusio based in Germany and Los Angeles.

In order to raise the badly needed funds, Avril has taken the tough decision to reach out to people for help. She hopes to use generously donated gifts from businesses to offer as prizes in an online raffle to reach her target. So far 65 hampers, sets and vouchers have been received with a total value of €7,000.

Every €10 received through her donation page will earn that person 1 ticket in the raffle but any donation no matter how big or small is appreciated. To date, Avril has received over €4,000 of her €30,000 target. If you wish to donate or would like further information you can visit Avril’s blog or donate here.