Did Paddy Power really spray-paint a Polar Bear?

Paddy Power

Paddy Power are no strangers to creating highly controversial publicity stunts and their latest example proves that they haven’t lost their touch. Earlier this week the Irish bookmaker posted a video which showed a polar bear being spray-painted with a red cross and a PP logo in support of England’s World Cup campaign.

The clip inevitably drew criticism on social media from the disgruntled public who also expressed anger at the Metro UK displaying an ad on their front page.

However, Paddy and his marketing team today explained the truth behind why they chose to spray-paint a polar bear. They explained that everyone is talking about the World Cup but nobody is talking about the endangered polar bears of Russia.

Teaming up with conservation organisation Polar Bears International and a bear named Agee, they set about spray-painting a computer-generated bear with the help of VFX. The aim was to raise awareness and to help fund new research with the help of a donation.

The full truth is in the video below, hats off to the mischief-makers, you’ve done it again!