Alcohol-Free Date Ideas

Alcohol-Free Date Ideas

When you’re going on a date, ‘going for a drink’ is often the first choice. It’s easy, casual, and if the worst comes to worst, you can let the alcohol do the talking.

But eventually, when you do meet them for a sober date, you realise that you’re more suited as drinking buddies than partners. Ditching the alcohol and doing something different can really help you figure out what the person is actually like and having an activity as the focal point of the date takes the pressure off of the awkward ‘question and answer’ part.

Here are a few fun, alcohol-free things to do in Dublin:

1. Howth head cliff walk

With some absolutely stunning views, Howth head is an ideal place to go for a romantic walk and take in some fresh air. Some areas of the walk can be quite treacherous so make sure to wear a good (and comfortable!) pair of walking shoes. Afterwards, why not grab a bag of chips or an ice cream in the village.

2. The Natural History Museum

As is also known as the “dead zoo”, you wouldn’t think it would necessarily be a good place for a date but it’s something different and quirky. You’ll get some great photos and may learn something along the way. It’s located in Merrion Square so there’s plenty of places to go to eat afterwards too.

3. Dublin Zoo

If a dead zoo isn’t your thing, why not try the living one! The Zoo is a great no-pressure date, it’s super casual and you might even get to see your favourite animal being fed! Try to go at ‘off-peak’ times to avoid running into busy school tours.

4. The Hole in 1 Challenge

A great idea for the competitive daters! The Hole in 1 Challenge in Portmarnock is based on a 60 square metre green and with just four holes at a distance of 100 metres, the chances of landing the hole in one are significantly higher. You also have the added bonus of winning some major prizes like a European Getaway!

5. Dinner and a movie

You can’t go wrong with this classic date idea. It’s stress-free and can be done regardless of the weather. Go to the movie first and dinner afterwards so if there is a lull in conversation you can talk about how great (or terrible) the movie was.