Christmas Shopping on a Student Budget

Ah Christmas, the season of giving. But being a student with no self–control you’ve probably gone out about fifty times in the last two weeks using the excuse “sure look its Christmas” to justify spending an obscene amount. You’re left with a less than healthy bank account, it’s less than a week until Christmas, and you haven’t bought a single present.

Here are the best tips to be a savvy student and get your Christmas gifts on a budget:

  1. Plan a budget

Decide how much money you want to spend and stick to it! Break down your budget between each person, maybe allocating a bit extra for mammy’s present to get into the good books. Be realistic with your budget. Of course you want to get your best friend VIP concert tickets to see their favorite artist but you need to prioritize, you can only make your student loan stretch so far.

  1. Make a list, and definitely check it more than twice!

A list is crucial for sticking to your budget. It helps you stay on track and will stop any impulse buying. Keeping checking it – how many times have you spent hours shopping and finally fell in the door with Christmas music ringing in your ears to realize you forgot one person on your list? Organization is key!

  1. DIY

Even if you’re not blessed with creativity, a handmade gift is always appreciated because they’re so personal. They show time and effort was put into the gift but they can also be extremely cheap. Buy a cheap picture frame, decorate it (to the best of your ability) and create a personalized collage of your favorite memories with the lucky person receiving the gift!

  1. Let them eat their heart out

Make their Christmas that bit sweeter by baking them a sweet treat. Cookies, cakes, or pies, the options are endless! You could also go down the traditional route by baking a Christmas pudding or Yule log. Extra points if you put your delicious creation into a festive box topped with ribbons.

  1. Re-gift

It’s something you’re not proud of, but everyone has done it. There is always that perfume set or shower lotions gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe. Dig it out and dust it off – now a perfect gift to give with absolutely no expense. But be considerate with everything you re-gift, make sure its in good condition and that none of the products are out of date! And please do not re-gift to the person who bought you the item in the first place!