Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Paddy Box

The Paddy Box Is The Perfect Gift For Loved Ones Abroad

Continuing our Business Bites series we spoke to Mark from The Paddy Box, a service that allows you to purchase and ship a piece...
UK Car Imports Hidden Histories

Buyer Beware – The Influx Of Second Hand Cars From The UK

According to leading Irish car history experts,, the number of imported vehicles into the Republic of Ireland this year is significantly up on...
eir no more black spots

‘i’ Marks the Spot for eir

Irish broadband giant gives Daily Mail publishers a headache As part of an ingenious campaign executed by Rothco, eir has pulled out all the stops...
Fruity Suits

Fruitysuits – Stand Out From The Bunch

In the second of our 'Business Bites' series where we sit down with an Irish entrepreneur we spoke to Ian Tilson, creator and 'Chief...
Retro Gaming

Business Bites – Retro Gaming Comes To Wexford

Retro gaming is more popular than ever with some old titles and consoles fetching huge money online. One man who hopes the demand for...

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2018 or 1918? Irish Women in Politics

In 1916, Padraig Pearse declared The Proclamation of The Irish Republic, a document addressed to ‘IRISHMEN AND IRISHWOMEN’. A piece of writing that was...
St.Patrick's Day

287 Monuments Worldwide Turn Green this St Patrick’s Day, Here’s our favorites!

Since the Global Greening of the world’s most popular tourist attractions on Saint Patrick’s Day began back in 2010, there has been a remarkable...
Wesley College

Anger As Fee-Paying School Awarded €150k Sports Grant

A fee-paying private school in South Dublin has been awarded a €150k sports grant which will go towards resurfacing their hockey pitch. The grant was...