Adult-Only Coffee Shop Set To Open In Tipperary

Adult-Only Coffee Shop
Pic - Pixabay

If you enjoy a peaceful coffee without the noise and distraction of children, then a trip to The Old Barracks in Tipperary might be right up your street. Owner Alan Andrews wants to open an adult-only coffee shop allowing adults to enjoy their beverages and also some quality me time.

Alan outlined his plans to the public and has received mixed reactions;

“I want to share this coffee learning with people who are really interested in how coffee is brewed, roasted, manipulated and perfected. Our space at the Old Barracks will be multi-purpose. We’re going to house a live working coffee roastery downstairs and my other business Coffee Culture will deliver coffee education and training upstairs.”

“In the roastery space, we are going to create a café where you can come an have a coffee experience and learn at the same time – you will be able to brew your own coffee, learn about the roasting, watch coffee roasting, take part in tastings and much more.”

“In order to ensure the space and customers are respected, I am strongly considering an adults-only policy / no kids zone. While this will most likely annoy some people I really believe this is crucial to respect the environment we create and the customers who will come for the experience.”

Some expressed their disappointment with the decision as they expressed interest in visiting the Old Barracks with their families, others welcomed the idea with some offering alternative suggestions such as individual ‘family only days’.